many days have passed where i have thought that i need to keep up with my blogging but this instant sense of dread would come over me because for many posts i harped on the break up between mr.t and myself and i started associated bad feelings with blogging and i do not want that feeling anymore so i'm back and hopefully more fierce than ever!

it's the holidays and at first i was trying to ignore them but o my god that is completely impossible! i noticed when i tried ignoring it that i sat wishing i had a tree or little white light strung up about and the christmas carols on the radio and the commercials all over the tv and the constant questioning about holiday plans... i stopped fighting it and surrendered. i am glad i did. i love my tree. i love my lights. i listened to christmas carols on the way home from work. i'm looking forward to seeing the family next week. but i still hate the commercials. that my dears will never ever change. so happy holidays to you and yours and love the people you love a little more in these next few weeks and hold on to those sweet sweet memories. much love.

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